VFW Post 4139

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Redesigned in November 2018, the official logo of the VFW includes an artistic representation of service stripes, easily recognizable insignia indicative of military service. Worn on most service uniforms, they denote length of service. As such, the first and leaner of the two service stripes represents the VFW's steadfast entry into its second century of service to America’s veterans, service members and their families. The second, broader stripe represents its first storied century of service, spanning back to 1899.

The bold letters and sharp angles of this text represent the strength and stability of the organization, and the clarity with which it works to fulfill our mission. The use of vibrant red represents the danger its members have faced, the bloodshed they experienced and the energy with which the organization operates. The gallant gold represents members’ achievements, acts of valor and the unique VFW eligibility status they’ve earned. Further, it epitomizes our gold standard of service.

The custom upper case letters were especially designed with an extended width to symbolize an organization that is well established. Combined with a tight letter spacing, these letters visually build a solid and confident block that reflects the unified culture of our organization. In addition to the direct metaphor of the stripes, the visual progression leading to the build of the letter “V” represents their sustained and forward movement into achieving the VFW’s mission. In order to bring the acronym and title together, the gold stripes and the “V” from “VETERANS” have been carefully drawn to align on the same axis, emphasizing the element of continuity.